About The Author

As told by her father:

After having two wonderful sons, we finally got our little princess.

Now, as a family we were off and running. Let me tell you a little bit about A.G. Morgan…

Again, after having two older brothers, it wasn’t easy for her to find her place among the stars! So when we had to, we enrolled her in a little dance studio, and began hoping that our daughter’s dancing may light her dreams, but quickly realized that dancing may not have been her thing. I mean, she was quite a little ham, but not really able to figure out the easiest of dance steps. So, yep, dancing wasn’t it. Bowling either. Basketball, no, karate no, and so on….you get the picture.

A.G. muddled through school and managed to do well with seemingly little effort.  It makes sense now, but, I want to say she had a lot of issues and honestly she was good at keeping them to herself. Deep, deep down inside, I knew that she would find herself, and challenge herself, and be the best at something. So, it doesn’t amaze me that she has honed her writing skills with wonderful stories that we will have for a lifetime to share! #AproudDaddy

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