Purple Angst 100 Times

Purple Angst 100 Times

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A lot of people keep asking me “how did you come up with the concept of Purple Angst?” “What made you write a book on anxiety?” “Do you suffer with anxiety?” “Is this novel based on real life?”

While Purple Angst is not a real story, anxiety is and I can think of 100 reasons for experiencing anxiety, in my eyes. So here they are, in no particular order because the thought of leveling them gives me #purpleangst… And I’d never finish writing this.

100: Crowds
99: Too much caffeine
98: Seeing an ex
97: The ellipses that’s shows up when someone is typing a text
96: Seeing more than 13 unread messages on any app on someone else phone (my friend Stud’s phone gives me major anxiety)
95: Going to sleep too late
94: Waking up early
93: Meetings first thing in the morning
92: When the phone rings after 10:00PM
91: Water bottle is low
90: Being the first to arrive to an event
89: Being late (which I always am)
88: Forgetting your phone and you’ve  already left the house
87: Sweat stains
86: Flashing lights behind you while driving
85: Small talk
84: Serious conversations
83: Making a mistake
82: Being called out for making a mistake
81: Calling someone the wrong name
80: Being called by the wrong name
79: Answering to the wrong name and now you have to identify by the new name to that person For-ev-er
78: Cancelling plans
77: Being called out on cancelling plans
76: Meeting new people
75: Talking with food in your teeth
74: Waking up an hour before your alarm goes off
73: Overthinking
72: Deadlines
71: Forgetting deadlines
70: Feeling inadequate
69: Feeling alone
68: Asking for toilet paper in a public bathroom
67: Also, the plop sound in the public bathroom
66: Being disorganized
65: chachkies
64: chachkies
63: chachkies – Yiddish word for trinkets
62: Too many pillows on a couch or bed
61: Disappointing your family
60: Being a bad friend
59: Rejection
58: Not answering emails in a timely manner (which is giving me #purpleangst right now)
57: Spelling a word incorrectly
56: Using the wrong word in a sentence
55: Awkward social interactions
54: The red bar when low battery comes on
53: Not having a charger on low battery
52: Low battery in the subway
51: No Service
50: Towns that looks like a scene from Friday the 13th
49: Sending screenshots to the wrong person
48: Everything about dating in this day and age
47: Going on a first date
46: Awkward goodbye on the first date
45: The check dance on the first date
44:  Failing in a relationship
43: Loving someone who doesn’t love you
42: Saying ‘I love you’ and it not reciprocated
41: The first 15 minutes of a cocktail hour at a wedding
40: 3rd wheeling
39: Even worse, 5th wheeling
38: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
37: Having FOMO so you 7th wheel it
36: The swipe or chip awkward check out
35: Buying condoms
34: Buying a pregnancy test
33: Waiting rooms in a doctors office
32: Waiting for results
31: Asking for help
30: Counting change at a store
29: Exchanging pleasantries with someone you know doesn’t like you
28: Long hallway Hellos (you know, Superbad status)
27: Silent but deadly’s (SBD)
26: Being with one other person when SBD occurs
25: Growing up
24: Not being sure with yourself
23: Admitting defeat
22: Admitting fault
21: Admitting your wrongs
20: Change
19: Procrastination
18: Putting things off even more because you don’t understand them
17: Being unhappy
16: Allowing yourself to recognized what makes you unhappy
15: Having the courage to eliminate what makes you unhappy
14: Having nothing to wear
13: No toothpaste after an adult sleepover
12: No messages after being away from your phone for hours
11: The next 5 years of your life
10: The next 5 months of your life
9: The next 5 minutes of your life
8: The inevitable
7: The unknown
6: Death
5: Loss
4: Sickness
3: The original Chuckie doll
2: The clown from IT
1: This List

There you have it, Purple Angst 100 times.

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