Life; as we Purple Angst it

Life; as we Purple Angst it

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For real, have you ever felt that life is just a bunch of digital meetings through technology. The more advanced we get the more out of touch from human interaction we become.

Waiting for our scheduled life to bring us some sort of satisfaction. Looking at your iCal, Google Cal, planned frisky rendezvous with your pal, Cal. Swiping left or right, double tapping pictures that you like.

Life has become so digital and it all has to be arranged to be engaged. It has become a number of events that you need an alert to be reminded of and your phone as your wingman in case those don’t turn out as you would have hoped.

Facebook events, outlook calendars, group iMessages with your friends for weeks to get on their calendars. When all the while, you are thinking of excuses not to go, just to sit home and swipe for the next John Doe.

Is it too late to go back to the days of beepers and calling someone’s house to get in touch with them. Those were much simpler times; you call, they pick up, you hang out as planned. The not having a plan and no device to distract you being an adventure in itself.

Instead, nowadays, the only time I see anyone is if we swipe on Happn, you know that dating app that allows you to stalk people you cross paths with.

What will we think of next…? Vacation Mingles. You can swipe on a vacation location and see who is taking this trip at the same time. That is actually a brilliant idea. Remember, I came up with it first, but whoever wants to build the app, I’m in 50/50. Who am I Kidding, 60/40 and I’ll take all the trips as partial payment.

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