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Timing is Everything

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Timing: Today someone opened the door for me just as I was about to struggle with it myself. Now, I know this isn’t some profound moment, but I really didn’t want to have to put my Starbucks cup down to open it and since life can be a struggle at times, I’m choosing to hold onto little things. Yes, even really little things like a door being held.

Eventually, timing may lead to something greater…so take these little things and think “if I wasn’t in this moment at this very time that event never would have happened.” And when it’s hard to be in the moment, reach out to someone else. Tell them what your are feeling, maybe even ask them about their feelings. You could be the message for someone else that needed you in that very moment. Your timing may save someone else. Think about that.

I have been using my time to stay positive in the morning, especially during the time I commute. I call my dad every morning, somewhere between 5-6:30 AM…so at times, I’m talking to a pillow. He just recently asked me to start calling someone else…so I’m looking for a positive person to talk to in the morning, if anyone is interested…

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